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January 27 2022, 12:29 Fruit-Inform

Agroholding GDF, the Uzbekistani fruit and veg leader, to host the business-tour on Feb 25

ASIA Fruit&Veg Conference in Uzbekistan-2022 will include the business-tour to Agroholding GDF on February 25, the 2nd conference day.

It is not an overstatement to say that Agroholding GDF is a world-class company, which products are already well-known in the markets of Russia, the EU, the Middle East and East Asia.

Business-tour participants will visit the company’s fruit and vegetable shock freezing, drying, handling, packing and long-term storage facilities.

More details about the company’s development plans will also be covered by the presentation of Mr. Husan Haydarov, Commercial Director at Agroholding GDF, the speaker at ASIA Fruit&Veg Conference in Uzbekistan-2022 on February 24.


The conference agenda includes:


To get more details about the event, please visit its official web-site, or contact us directly:

+ 380 562 32795

+7 495 7894419

Mr. Ievgen Kuzin

[email protected]

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