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September 7 2004, 14:22 Agrarian Marketing Project

AMP and CNFA Combine Efforts to Work on Cooperation and Agricultural Technologies Development in Poltava Oblast

Seminar on agricultural technologies of vegetable crops production was conducted in v. Reshetilivka, Poltava oblast, on June the 8th. In this event, jointly prepared by AMP and CNFA, also participated the consultants on agribusiness Peter Feretti and Steven Kovak. The agronomist of Poltava AMP office Oleg Smolka, as well as eleven vegetable commodities producers, took part in the seminar.

Basic questions under discussion concerned the peculiarities of open-ground vegetable crops production, the production with the use of seedlings, and the assets and systems of plant protection from pests and vegetable crops diseases. The topic of cooperation of small- and medium-size vegetable producers was also highlighted, as the factor that influences the cost-effectiveness of the production and the opportunities of additional profit due to general marketing practices.

After the conducted seminar CNFA representatives visited AMP demo plot in v. Vaski, Poltava oblast, which is situated on the lands of farm "Izuminka". While establishing demo plot the main attention was paid to production of marketing attractive and niche crops (as for Poltava region), i.e. the following cabbage varieties: broccoli, Pekinese, cauliflower, red headed cabbage. On the demo plot the technologies of organic production are used - they are based on the principle that the pesticide treatment is the last method of all the possible ways of plant protection from pests and diseases.

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