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September 7 2004, 15:40 Agrarian Marketing Project

About 200 People Participated in the Seminar "Modern Experience of Production and Marketing of Fruit and Vegetable Commodities" in Cherkasy

About 200 specialists of fruit and vegetable market took part in practical seminar "Modern experience of Production and Marketing of Fruit and Vegetable Commodities" conducted by AMP in Cherkasy on February 18th 2004. Great interest to this event can be explained not only by topicality of seminar theme. This seminar is the biggest in scale comparing to other seminars of the same topic conducted in Ukraine, among participants there were not only farmers, but also buyers of farmer commodities - processing enterprises, wholesalers, supermarkets. Input companies were also widely represented: there were 14 companies that supply farmers with vegetable crops seeds, fertilizers, plant protection means, drip irrigation systems, packing materials, and also techniques and equipment.

Major part of 170 participants represented Cherkasy oblast, but 40 farmers - guests from neighboring Poltava oblast - are also worth mentioning. Major part of farmers presented on the seminar produce or plan to produce vegetable, fruit and berry commodities on relatively small areas - from 5 to 500 hectares in average.

A heavy program of the seminar let the participants obtain much useful information from presentations prepared by AMP specialists, reports of invited speakers and also from various handout materials. Moreover, busy program did not prevented farmers to make personal contacts with input companies and companies - potential buyers of farmer commodities. Farmers had a chance to get acquainted with the requirements of Uman cannery and company "Veres" to the fruits and vegetables supplied to these processing enterprises. The possible measurements and cooperation perspectives were also shared by the representatives of the processors. Director of wholesale firm "Karidan" and manager of the supermarket "Grand Market" made a report concerning their experience of work with farmers and plans for the future.

As Igor Sovenko, deputy director of "Veres Postach" company, mentioned in his speech, practical AMP seminars have already brought substantial results: after the first seminar 10 farmers have signed contracts on production and supply commodities to processing enterprises of "Veres" company.

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