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September 7 2004, 15:42 Agrarian Marketing Project

"Nadra" Bank Specialists Participate in AMP Training Sessions

Agricultural Marketing Project cooperates with "Nadra" bank that is interested to put more attention to the farm investments in Ukraine, because only small per cent of farmers applies for loans to commerce banks nowadays.

Bank specialists take part in Project seminars to cover the topics of improvement of fruit and vegetable commodities marketing and importance of market information for farmers.

Seminars are conducted in six regions of Ukraine: AR Crimea, Odesa, Cherkasy, Poltava, Lviv and Zakarpattya oblasts. Participation in seminars helps "Nadra" bank specialists to understand problems of Ukrainian farmers and specifics of their business.

As the seminars are designed mainly for farmers, bank specialists have a chance to communicate directly to potential clients and clear out their needs and abilities. Farmers are very interested in information provided by bank representatives, because many farmers do not know what documents are needed to obtain loan and what are the credit requirements. Despite of the fact that problems of credit financing for medium farms are not the main component of AMP activity, it is impossible to ignore them, especially when work is conducted with farmers developing their business and seeking for new investments. The production of fruit and vegetable commodities is very capital-intensive, at the same time each hectare can give sufficient profit - if we take into account this fact, we can expect the increase of credit financing exactly of this sector of small and medium farms business.

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