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September 10 2004, 14:43 Agrarian Marketing Project

In November Leaders of Fruit and Vegetable Market Will Meet in Kyiv

In the beginning of November 2004 an exceptional event for the country will take place in Ukraine. For the first time Ukrainian leading fruit and vegetable market players will gather in one hall together with their foreign partners and competitors. They will discuss urgent questions about present state and further development of the market; participants will make new business contacts and exchange experience.

The necessity of such forum has come out exactly this year. Fruit and vegetable market has been recently developed in rather disorder, but still dynamic manner. This year this market is facing the need for drastic changes with the objective of further development. Canneries used to feel rather comfortable past years - this year they were bearing lack of raw materials; farmers-producers faced overproduction of one type of fruit and vegetable commodities and lost harvest of other types. Wholesalers started searching for modern and high-quality equipment for fruits and vegetables post-harvest handling, calibrating, packing and storing; supermarket management realized that fruit-and-vegetable sector is the key one and it is able to make substantial direct and indirect profit.

Moreover, suppliers of drip irrigation systems doubled sales rates and sufficiently decreased their cost this year. The competition among seed companies ran high; suppliers of plant protection assets failed to fully satisfy farmers' demand for their products. Banks suddenly came to conclusion that a farmer - vegetable producer is an important and trustworthy client, bankers started to study this market actively; according to some analysts' opinion, cycle of money in fruit and vegetable market is close to grain market money cycle.

This is why the speakers of First International Conference "Vegetables and Fruits of Ukraine: Market of New Alternatives" are the top managers of such well-known companies as "Vitmark Ukraine" (TM Jaffa), Caridan, Petruzalek, МЕTRО Cash&Carry, Rijk Zwaan, Terra Ltd, Land O'Lakes and others. The general sponsor of the conference is "Agrimatco-Ukraine", the representative of international Agrimatco company, one of the largest input suppliers for fruit and vegetable production sector. Rijk Zwaan, another sponcor, is one of the leaders of European vegetable seeds market.

We should note that eventful and interesting program of the conference attracts great attention from the side of market players. To the present moment about 100 persons have submitted their participation forms; they represent different segments of fruit and vegetable market: best farmers - vegetable producers and horticulture producers, seed companies and input suppliers, processing enterprises, trade companies, producers and suppliers of packing materials, vehicles and equipment for production, storing, post harvest handling and processing needs. More than 350-400 people from 15-20 world countries are expected to take part in the conference.

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