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December 28 2004, 13:39 Agrarian Marketing Project

The seminar "Sales volumes growth, marketing of fruit and vegetable commodities, association development" was conducted in Cherkasy

On the 22nd of December Cherkasy office of Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) conducted the seminar "Sales volumes growth, marketing of fruit and vegetable commodities, association development".

In the seminar took part 87 participants, among which were 55 chiefs of farms and private households, representatives of input companies "Nunhems", "Leda", "Rijk Zwaan", "Kloz Tezje", "Agrimatko", "Agrosvit", "Terra Ltd", "Biolog", "Holland seeds", "Alta Ltd", the representatives of four processing enterprises, insurance company "Oranta", the director of Cherkasy Department of Farmer Assistance Foundation, the representative of Agricultural Sector Department of Oblast State Administration, the representatives of oblast TV, radio, local newspaper "Cherkaskiy Kray".

During the seminar 17 participants, the chiefs of a service cooperative, associations, Deputy General Managers of "Veres company" and LLC "Leda" processing plants exchanged the experience of production and marketing of fruit and vegetable commodities, organization of associations' work. In their speeches farmers resumed the preliminary results of this year and made the concrete proposals concerning the improvement of work in the coming year 2005.

Sergey Slatvitskiy, deputy general director of raw materials supply, group of companies "Veres" named the farmers from "Akra" and "Romashka" farms and the private entrepreneur Shepeta, who are AMP clients, as the most trustworthy suppliers of the season 2004 and awarded them with the special certificates. Cherkasy AMP office was also awarded with the certificate of "Veres" company as the best company partner in the season 2004.

The participants of the seminar were very interested in the exhibition of fresh and processed vegetable commodities sold by the service cooperative "Lyudmila" through Cherkasy supermarkets. The peculiarity of the exhibition was that all 17 examples were presented in different types of packing with the developed trademark "Vegetables from Lyudmila".

During the seminar the possibility of interactive communication directly with all present let the farmers be aware of the experience concerning modern technologies implementation for vegetable production; the farmers could know more about presale preparation of vegetables; also the contacts with the representatives of processing enterprises, seed and input companies were established.

The participants of the seminar highly appreciated the workshops conducted by AMP this year in the farms of O. Kravchenko, M. Oleynyk, the service cooperative "Lyudmila"; they wished that next year the seminars be conducted in the same farms on purpose to see the further development dynamics. The chiefs of the mentioned farms agreed to this proposal.

You can inquire about the schedule of planned seminars and other events directly in Cherkasy office of Agricultural Marketing Project.

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