The fundamental study

«Fruit & Vegetable Market of Ukraine-2015: Results and Forecasts for the Next Season»


This is the fundamental study that gives a complex assessment to the fruit and vegetable business of Ukraine, from production and processing to internal and external trade over the past three seasons. In addition, the study includes detailed fruit and vegetable production and price forecast for the next season.

The objective of this study is to create an original desk book for professionals of the fruit and vegetable market, which will include all necessary information for efficient operations in the market: statistics, prices, rankings, contact details.

This year the production and price forecast will be conducted in three stages:

  1. Preliminary production and price forecast for traditional vegetables in March.

  2. Full fundamental study (inclusive of data on vegetables, fruits, berries and state statistics) in June.

  3. Final production and price forecast adjusted according to weather conditions in September*.

* in case of extreme weather conditions able to lead to cardinal changes in yields of the studied crops, all companies having paid for the study will receive updated production and price forecast already in August.

The study includes information on the following crops: potatoes, white cabbages, greenhouse tomatoes, field-grown tomatoes, greenhouse cucumbers, field-grown cucumbers, carrots, onions, table beets, watermelons, melons, apples, pears, garden strawberries, raspberries, currants, sour cherries, sweet cherries and table grapes. In addition, an overall picture on major fruits, vegetables and cucurbit crops is given.


Contents of the study:


The fundamental study can be pre-ordered already now. The study will be delivered in two stages:

After May 31: full version of the fundamental study

After September 10: updated production and price forecast adjusted according to weather conditions in spring-summer 2015.


The study costs 700 euro (Russian version).

The cost for Fruit-Inform subscribers is 350 euro (Russian version).

The cost for companies having purchased the fundamental study in 2014 is 570 euro (Russian version).


The study can be ordered at International Relations Department of Fruit-Inform:

Ievgen Kuzin

phone: +380 (562) 321595, ext. - 341

cell: +380 96 5836323

email: [email protected]