Ukraine Fruit & Vegetable Storage Economics 2014 Study


The study gives answers to the questions of storage capacity for fruits, vegetables and potatoes, as well as common understanding of different storehouse types and key cold chain elements economics, and offers an exhaustive estimation of the key storable crops economics for those interested in development of the fruit, vegetable and potato production and trade business. Special attention is given to potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage and apples.


Study contents:

  1. Summary

  2. Methodology

  3. Fruit and vegetable storehouse types used in Ukraine with brief description and pros-and-cons assessment given to each one by technology (hangar type, with ventilation, with cooling (different refrigerants), ULO, CA, DCA etc.) and by purpose:

    1. Potato storehouses for ware potatoes

    2. Potato storehouses for seed potatoes

    3. Vegetable storehouses for long-term storage (description for each vegetable type)

    4. Storehouses for onions:

      • Container storage

      • Floor storage

    5. Fruit storehouses

      • Conventional storehouses with cooling and ventilation

      • CA-storehouses

      • ULO-storehouses

      • DCA-storehouses

    6. Pre-cooling chambers

      • Stationary chambers for different produce types

      • Mobile chambers for different produce types

    7. Distribution centers (for trade with lower requirements to isolation and temperature)

    8. Comparative table: green-field construction costs assessment for each of the above-mentioned storehouse types

  4. From-field-to-consumer loss assessment for different fruit and vegetable types

  5. Storehouses owners structure (growers-farmers, growers-agriholdings, traders, importers)

  6. Current storage capacity map and storage capacity needs assessment (with respect to owners structure)

  7. Transportation in vehicles with cooling (different approaches and requirements)

  8. Retail cold chain

  9. Evalution of a minimal economically viable storehouse volume for each of types

  10. Storehouse recoupment cases (based on real price data over 10 years). Two types: for growers and traders

    1. Onions

    2. Carrots

    3. Table beets

    4. Cabbage

    5. Potatoes

    6. Apples

  11. Storehouses rental cost analysis by Ukrainian region and storehouse type, storehouse leasing recoupment assessment

  12. Key problems in storehouses development

  13. The Ukrainian storage solutions suppliers market

  14. The Ukrainian handling solutions suppliers market (washing, sorting, packaging, grading etc.)

  15. Cold chain investment opportunities

  16. Modern fruit and vegetable storehouses owners list

  17. Fruit and vegetable storage solutions suppliers list with contacts and short list of implemented projects

  18. Fruit and vegetable handling solutions suppliers list with contacts and short list of implemented projects


The study will be available after May 30, 2014


The study (in Russian) costs 1,000 euro


The cost for Fruit-Inform subscribers is 800 euro (for the Russian version)


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