Production of Garden Strawberries in Ukraine — 2012. Present Situation and Outlook

This is the first fundamental study of the Ukrainian garden strawberry market. The study is conducted by Oleg Bosiy, Production and Technology Officer of Consulting Department of Nashi Frukty OOO.

Consulting Department of Nashi Frukty OOO is established on the basis of Vinnytsia Fruit & Berry Sector Development Project implemented by International Finance Corporation in 2006-2011.
Consulting Department specialists render services on attracting investments, business planning, technological support and fruit and berry business organization and management consulting to producers in Ukraine.


The study consists of the following parts:

  1. General information about garden strawberries.

  2. Technological peculiarities of cultivation.

  3. Production of garden strawberries in Ukraine:

3.1. Total volume and geography of production;

3.2. Households' production of garden strawberries;

3.3. Commercial production of garden strawberries;

3.4. Major producers.

  1. Commercially available varieties and planting material supply:

4.1. Production of planting material in Ukraine;

4.2. Imports of planting material.

  1. Distribution channels and sales outlets of grown produce.

  2. Analysis of price development in the markets for fresh and processed strawberries.

  3. External trade in fresh and processed strawberries:

7.1. Imports and exports of fresh strawberries;

7.2. Imports and exports of processed strawberries.

  1. Postharvest handling.

  2. Requirements to quality and safety of produce.

  3. Conclusions.

List of appendices:

1. Development of areas under garden strawberries in Ukraine broken down by region (2006-2010).

2. Development of yields of garden strawberries in Ukraine broken down by region (2006-2010).
3. List of major producers of garden strawberries in Ukraine.

4. List of garden strawberry varieties registered in Ukraine. Extract from State Register of Plant Varieties Suitable for Distribution in Ukraine in 2011.

5. Producers of garden strawberry planting material in Ukraine.

6. DSTU Standard 4936:2008 Strawberry plants. Technical specifications.

7. List of suppliers of strawberry planting material in Ukraine in 2007-2011.

8. Ukraine's fresh strawberry imports geography in 2007-2011.

9. DSTU Standard ISO 6665:2006 Strawberries. Guide to cold storage (ISO 6665:1983, IDT).
10. DSTU Standard UNECE FFV-35:2007 Strawberries. Guide to marketing and quality control (UNECE FFV-35: 2002, IDT).

11. Allowable levels of toxic elements, mycotoxins and pesticide residues in berries. Extract from Bio-Medical Requirements and Sanitary Standards for Quality of Raw Materials for Foodstuffs and Food Products No 5061-89 d/d 01/08/1989 (MBT 5061-89);
12. Maximum allowable levels of pesticide and agrichemical residues in strawberries. Extract from State Sanitary Rules and Norms DSanPiN “Permissible doses, concentrations, quantities and levels of pesticide content in agricultural raw materials, foodstuffs, air in working areas, ambient air, water in water reservoirs, soil”.

13. Strawberry production risks: prevention and limitation methods.


The study contains 81 pages and is available since March 1, 2012, in the Ukrainian language in Pdf format. The study costs UAH 6,000 / EUR 600 and can be ordered at International Relations Department of Fruit-Inform:

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