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March 31 2006, 00:00 Agrarian Marketing Project

Fresh look for vegetable retail trade in Ukraine

On August 11th, 2005 consumers of some Cherkasy supermarkets were impressed by the new look of the fruit and vegetable displays. Colorful vertical layouts attracted attention to fresh produce grown by Cherkasy agricultural producers. The vertical layout helps consumers find the products of interest more rapidly, and reduces the need to back track. In addition new produce items were added to the display to expand the assortment. Signs with labels were quite helpful in introducing these new products to the consumers; and, included as well information on product origin. In some supermarkets fruits and vegetables were sorted and packaged, a rather new practice for regional retail trade in Ukraine. During the six months preceding this event AMP had invited American consultants to assist in conducting training with respect to improving in market displays and layouts. The contest showed that produce managers applied lessons and knowledge learned successfully. As a result of the contest, sales of fruits and vegetables increased 8-10% during the contest; and, maintained this level throughout the entire peak season (August- September). In addition, thanks to the contest participating Cherkasy supermarkets established relationships with new farmers and suppliers and extended the assortment of locally produced vegetables.

Cherkasy supermarkets. Unexciting shelf displays of fruits and vegetables in the produce department

Colorful produce displays demonstrate locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as imported fruits, during Supermarket Display Contest. The contest was organized by the Agricultural Marketing Project (AMP) in Ukraine. The contest realized increased sales of fruits and vegetables by 8-10%
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