The 7th International Conference

«Apple Business of Ukraine-2017»

August 17-18, Kiev, Ukraine



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Fruit-Inform invites all agricultural business participants to the 7th International Conference “Apple Business of Ukraine-2017”.

The conference will be organized on August 17-18, Kiev, Ukraine, in advance of the start of the apple season 2017/18, which is expected to be one of the most difficult for Ukrainian growers.  Bad weather conditions in spring this year and lack of real opportunities to fully substitute the Russian market with respect to export shipments will the two key factors to impact the situation in the Ukrainian apple business.

Meanwhile, weather conditions in other European countries were not ideal as well, thus, a general positive pricing trend can be expected in the European market; while attempts to enter new export markets (Scandinavia, EU, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia) made by Ukrainian growers in the past two years can fully reshape the map of Ukrainian apple exports in this season.

By tradition, all conference delegates will be able to discuss relevant issues and expectations from a new season during the first day of the event and take part in a practical business tour to Ukrainskiy Sad, one of the leading apple companies of Ukraine, on the second conference day.


The conference will focus on the following subjects:


The business-tour will be focused on the following:


The conference is organized by Fruit-Inform. Syngenta is the General Sponsor of the event. Ukrainskiy Sad is the Business-Tour Partner of the conference.

Key audience: apple growers (more than 50%), apple processors, representatives of wholesale and retail trade, suppliers of inputs and equipment, apple trees, agrichemistry etc.

The organizers expect the event to attract  more than 200 delegates from 8-10 countries of the world.


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To learn more about the event, please contact Fruit-Inform:

+380 562 320795

cell: +380 96 5836323 (Ievgen Kuzin)

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