The 7th International Conference

«Apple Business of Ukraine-2017»

August 17-18, Kiev, Ukraine



Day 1

August 17, 2017


Registration, morning coffee


Conference opening

Session 1. Fresh apple market in Ukraine and other countries. Development trends and production forecast for the season 2017/18


The Ukrainian apple market in the season 2017/18. Production and price forecast for a new season

Aleksandr Khorev, Project Manager, Fruit-Inform


Apple sector in the CIS: production, export and import outlook

Speaker TBC


Apple market situation in the EU and other European countries: WAPA production forecast for 2017 (based on the results of Prognosfruit 2017)

Ievgen Kuzin, International Relations Manager, Fruit-Inform


Successful examples of apple exports from Ukraine. Expectations from a new season

Speaker TBC

Session 2. Modern apple growing technologies. Master classes from leading sector leaders


Efficient protection against pests and diseases

Vladimir Voyevodin, Specialty Crops Technical Expert, Syngenta, Ukraine


Machinery in apple business. Minimum provision justification

Speaker TBC


Apple trees in Ukraine. Why do professionals choose a foreign producer?

Speaker TBC


Nutrition as one of the key factors in growing high-quality fruits

Speaker TBC


Lunch break


Apple production certification and produce quality verification as necessary elements to enter external markets. Opportunities and pitfalls

Speaker TBC


Modern intensive apple orchard. Growing premium-quality apples in Ukraine

Maksim Fistal, Director, Ukrainskiy Sad, Ukraine


Professional trellis and protection systems for apple orchards

Speaker TBC


Production of organic apples in Ukraine. Development outlook

Speaker TBC

Session 3. Apple handling, processing, packaging and storage technologies. The market for processed apples


The Ukrainian apple juice concentrate market and export situation

Speaker TBC


Apple quality retention during storage as a guarantee of successful sales within the whole season

Speaker TBC


Construction specifics of CA-storage facilities

Speaker TBC


New packaging and transportation solutions for apples

Speaker TBC

Session 4. Modern approaches to sales and marketing of fresh and processed apples


Efficient sales of apples in the domestic market: system approach to collaboration with buyers, branding, direct sales to supermarkets

Speaker TBC


Ukrainian apple growers’ entrance to external markets

Speaker TBC


Evening reception

Day 2

August 18, 2017




Business-tour to Ukrainskiy Sad

  • Different approaches to apple growing in intensive orchards
  • Machinery applied for apple orchard maintenance
  • Modern apple storage facility
  • Apple pre-sale handling and packaging line