The 6th International Conference
Berries of Ukraine-2015: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market

Rus Hotel, 4, Gospitalna St, Kiev, Ukraine,

May 21-22, 2015



Day 1, May 21


Registration of conference delegates


Conference opening ceremony

Greeting words from organizers and sponsors

Session 1. The Ukrainian berry market. Present situation & outlook. Cooperation in fruit and berry business


The Ukrainian market for key berry crops. Present situation & outlook

Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform


The Ukrainian market for table grapes: expectations from the new season

Vladimir Yarmilka, Master of Agriculture, International Table Grape Market Expert


Cooperation in efficient growing of fruit and berry crops in Ukraine. Varieties, technologies, marketing

Irina Barzo, Assistant to Director at Agrofirma Vesna-2011, Ukraine


EBRD support for small and medium enterprises

Pavel Tretyak, Senior Project Officer, Small Business Support Team, EBRD, Ukraine

Session 2. Modern technologies of berry production. Master classes from the sector experts


Master class. Fruitful approaches to growing key berry crops on plantations of 1 through 300 ha: imported/domestic/own plants, agrichemistry, harvesting, cooling

Oleg Bosyi, Berry Market Expert, Ukraine


Master class. Optimal soil (preparation) for blueberry and cherry production

Frederique Vogel, Rosetta Agro, the Netherlands


Efficient pest and disease management system with the use of Syngenta products

Vladimir Voyevodin, Specialty Crops Manager, Syngenta Ukraine


Lunch break. Press conference for journalists


Master class. Successful involvement of specialty berry crops into a farm's structure: gooseberries, blackberries, honeysuckles etc.

Aleksandr Yareschenko, Head of Fruit and Berry Crops Selection and Technological Department of Horticultural Institute of NAASU, Master of Agriculture, Ukraine


Master class. Protection and nutrition in berry growing – what will growers save on?

Vadim Dudka, Director at Agroanaliz, Ukraine


Biostimulants, microelements, fertilizers for foliar application and drip irrigation

Dmitriy Mikhailyuk, Director at Agrisol, Ukraine

Session 3. Berry processing and handling in Ukraine


Panel discussion. The Ukrainian market for frozen berries. Present situation & outlook

Chaired by Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform


Benefits of freezing fresh berries. Secrets of smart shock freezing

Camilla Khrulova-Nygren, Area Sales Manager, OctoFrost AB, Sweden


High-quality cooling of berries after harvest as a guarantee of successful cooperation with buyers

Yuriy Zakashanskiy, Director at Tekhnokhol, Ukraine

Session 4. Modern approaches to marketing of perishable products


Berry trade through wholesale markets in Ukraine: range, volumes, peculiarities, prospects

Aleksey Chumak, Representative of Association of Wholesale Markets of Ukraine


Modern European trends in requirements set to producers of fresh and frozen berries in the light of export possibilities in the EU

Yuliya Sliva, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


Summing up of 1st conference day


Gala-dinner for conference participants

Day 2, May 22


Business tour to Agrofirma Vesna-2011

Аleksandr Tkachuk, Director at Agrofirma Vesna-2011, Ukraine

The business-tour program:

- production of different berry varieties:

- strawberries;

- everbearing strawberries;

- strawberries under cover;

- black, red, white currants;

- summer raspberries;

- everbearing raspberries;

- blueberries;

- machinery used during berry growing;

- berry harvesting (in case the season has started);

- post-harvest cooling of berries;

- berry packaging, different packaging types.


Arrival to Kiev, end of conference