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March 3 2014, 15:26 Fruit-Inform

Potatoes & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014 Conference to start in 3 days, March 06

The 6th International Conference “Potatoes & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014” organized by Fruit-Inform and Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers will start its work in three days, March 06, 2014, President Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine. Applications for participation are officially accepted until March 3, inclusive.

The conference sessions will include all subjects relevant for the potato and vegetable business. The event will also host a regular meeting of Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers.

For the present, there are more than 120 delegates to have confirmed their participation in the conference with potato and vegetable growers accounting for above 50% of them.

The conference presentations will be delivered by the following speakers:

- Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform

- Aleksandr Sinenko, President of Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers

- Sergey Rybalko, Director at Adelaida

- Aleksandr Marchenko, Commercial Director at S-Rostok

- Igor Tarushkin, Crop Manager at Bayer Ukraine

- Igor Chechetko, Ukrainian Potato Market Expert

- Vadim Dudka, Director at Agroanaliz

- Marianna Vakulchik, Development Director at Frozen Group

- Theo van den Hurk, Representative of Concept Engineers

- Ievgen Kuzin, International Relations Manager at Fruit-Inform

More detailed information about the event, the conference program, conditions of participation and advertising opportunities are available on the conference web-site. To take part in the conference, please fill out an application form.

Would you have any questions regarding the event, please contact International Relations Department of Fruit-Inform:

Mr Ievgen Kuzin

tel: +380 (562) 321595, ext. - 341 (Ukraine)

cell: +380 96 5836323

email: [email protected]

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