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August 27 2020, 13:53 Fruit-Inform

Zoom Webinar - The Blueberry Market in the Eastern Europe-2020, Sep 17

13:00 (CET), September 17, 2020, Fruit-Inform will organize an international Zoom webinar on the highbush blueberry market in the Eastern Europe.

The event will be in English and combine blueberry production and trade experience from both the Western and Eastern Europe.

Why blueberries?

- they are one of the most expensive and transportable berry crops with perfect taste and flavor;

- their production and consumption has been actively developing in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres;

- they are traded in the Eastern Europe for the whole year round;

- Fruit-Inform has completed the fundamental study “The Market for Highbush Blueberries in the Eastern Europe-2020”, which results will be presented during the webinar.

Why September 17?

- the blueberry season will be almost finished in the Eastern Europe during this time period;

- a perfect time to assess the season’s results and prepare for the next season;

- growers are able to evaluate the efficiency of technologies applied in their business;

- traders are able to estimate the results of their work with different suppliers from the Southern and Northern Hemispheres;

- the study “The Market for Highbush Blueberries in the Eastern Europe-2020” will already be available also in English.

Who will be the speakers?

- a representative of Fruit-Inform with the results of the Eastern European blueberry market study;

- a representative of an international organization with market trends in the European market and globally;

- a representative of a European trader with his/her own view of the blueberry trade developments;

- blueberry growers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus with their assessment of blueberry production, trade and market trends;

- webinar partners with blueberry growing, handling and storage technological novelties.

What will the webinar focus on?

- blueberry growing in the Eastern Europe;

- blueberry imports and exports;

- blueberry price performance;

- blueberry business development strategies;

- minimization of production and trade risks;

- the results of Fruit-Inform’s blueberry market study.

What are the conditions to participate?

- the webinar is only for pre-registered participants: please send your participation request in a free form to the following emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected];

- participation in the webinar is free-of-charge, except for advertising programs;

- would you need more information about advertising/sponsorship/partnership opportunities, please contact us directly:

Mr. Ievgen Kuzin

+380 96 5836323

[email protected]

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