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October 9 2001, 11:09 Interfax-Ukraine

Sunoil producers demand equal conditions for conducting business

Ukrainian sunoil producers demand abolishment of benefits for several industry subjects as well as ensure equal conditions for conducting business.

This was mentioned by participants of meeting of large oil extracting plants' representatives held on October 5 in Dnipropetrovsk.

As it was emphasized during the meeting, one the industry problems is unfounded benefits for several oil extracting enterprises.

As an example "Cargill-Ukraine" was named. Being a participant of special economical zone in Donetsk this company has tax benefits.

"The company increases production volumes and prices, while other enterprises carry all the taxation load", - representatives of oil extracting plants said.

In addition, they said that benefits negatively influence the process of attracting investments into the industry, pointing out that, as a rule, foreign investors prefer companies that have tax benefits.

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