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March 6 2013, 11:48 Fruit-Inform

Ukrainian vegetable export values exceed $32 mln

According to Fruit-Inform, Ukrainian vegetable export values have exceeded $32 mln in the season 2012/13 as at January 2013.

“Greenhouse tomatoes accounted for about 80% of all export values, as they were a relatively expensive product in high demand. At the same time, the Ukrainian greenhouse tomato export sector's huge issue was practically full dependance on the market of the Russian Federation, the country that could hardly be called a reliable trade partner”, says Ms. Tetiana Getman, Head of Fruit-Inform. “At the same time, sharply grown export volumes of traditional vegetables (onions, white cabbage, beetroots, carrots) and potatoes contributed just $4.38 mln (about 14% of the total vegetable export values) due to relatively low export prices of these products”.

Besides greenhouse tomatoes, relatively high export values were registered in the segment of onions: $2.75 mln. The export values of cucumbers amounted to $2 mln. The lowest export values were registered in the segment of beetroots: just $130,000.

Despite a significant increase in the Ukrainian vegetable export values in this season, it cannot be compared with the export potential of the country. For comparison, vegetable exports of small Netherlands are valued at $7.6 bln annually or roughly 110-120 times as many as the financial result of Ukraine's best vegetable export season.

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