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November 13 2001, 17:13 UNIAN

L. Kozachenko: autumn field work in 2001 is done better than the previous year

Autumn field works in 2001 are done better than the previous year, Vice-Prime-Minister Leonid Kozachenko said during the extended sitting of Ukrainian League of Entrepreneurs of Agro-industrial Complex on November 12.

In his words this year planting seeds of winter crop were much better than the previous year. Paces of works were also higher than last year. During 10 months by 620 thousand hectares more than the same period of the previous year was ploughed up. Mineral fertilizers were used twice as much as the previous year. Pesticides were used by 32 percent more.

As press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Politics informed, on November 5 8681.6 thousand hectares had been planted with winter crop, which is by 2 percent less than the previous year. Along with that 79 percent of winter crop is in good condition (against 88 percent of the previous year).

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