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December 20 2017, 16:04 Fruit-Inform

Poland: tomato imports up by a third in value terms

Poland has been increasing tomato imports since the beginning of 2017, reports Fruit-Inform referring to FreshMarket. As a result, they have shown a growth rate of 3% in the volume terms and 31% in the value in January-September 2017.

Over the first 9 months of 2017, Polish imports totaled 107,600 tons with the value of 144 mln euro, as reported by the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS). For comparison, the import data for January-September 2016 show that tomato imports amounted to 104,800 tons valued at 106 mln euro.

The top supplier of tomatoes to Poland is Spain, with 9% decrease to 36,700 tons over this period. Spain is followed by the Netherlands, having shipped 30,000 tons of tomatoes to the Polish market – an increase of 14% against same period of 2016.

A significant growth in Turkish shipments that almost doubled and totaled 13,500 tons this year is also worth mentioning. Industry experts link this trend with Russian restrictions on tomatoes of Turkish origin valid during the reporting period.