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January 22 2018, 11:29 Fruit-Inform

Poland: Idared prices at least twice as high as last year

Active export demand has allowed Polish growers to raise their apple prices, with the most rapid price growth rates observed in the Idared segment, reports Fruit-Inform.

Idared apples have become 10-15% more expensive since the beginning of the week. As a result, now growers offer their fruits at EUR 0.31-0.36/kg, while a week before apple prices in the Polish market stood at least at EUR 0.27/kg.

It is worth mentioning that prices of Polish Idared apples have more than doubled against the figures of the same period of 2017. Market experts link the price growth with a rapid fall in production of these fruits in the country. The most recent estimations of the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) show that Polish growers have managed to harvest only 400,000 tons of Idared apples in 2017/18, which marked a decline of 43% compared with the previous season, and was 47% less than the average figures over the last 5 years.

Nevertheless, in this season Idared has become the leading variety grown by Polish farmers, sharing it only with Champion one. Hence, WAPA reports of Idared’s share of 14% in total production of Polish apples in the current season.

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