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January 22 2018, 14:32

Mexican exporters mull Russian potential

Berries, bananas and avocados could be among the beneficiaries of a Mexican strategy to boost bilateral trade with Russia.

The Mexican Association of Importers and Exporters (ANIERM), which has just opened its first trade office in Russia, believes there is significant potential to increase exports of Mexican agricultural and industrial products to the Russian market in the coming years.

Armando Oliver Vásquez, ANIERM’s Russian delegate, told El Universo that in addition to promoting Mexican products in Russia the association wants to encourage Russian investment in Mexico and vice versa.

Mexican exports to Russia totalled US$237m between January and November 2017, including US$3m of berries.

Vásquez said that establishing the necessary distribution channels was a key factor in helping Mexican exporters reach the Russian market.

“Language and distance to market are not barriers to trade, because we already have translators and the means to transport the products to market. The issue is to know where to ship the products and how to distribute them in the Russian market,” he stated.


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