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January 25 2018, 12:42 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: carrot and red beet prices 2.4-2.7 times as high as last year

Prices of Ukrainian red beets and carrots continue to grow and are already about three times as high as observed in the same period of the previous year, reports Fruit-Inform.
     According to the daily monitoring data, current red beet and carrot prices in Ukraine vary between UAH 4-6/kg (EUR 0.11-0.17/kg), depending on quality, shipment volume and production region. As a result, over this week, carrots have become 10-14% more expensive, while red beets have shown a surge in prices of 15-20%.
     Market players say of positive trend to be linked with rather active demand for carrots and red beets. Moreover, the price growth is backed by logistical problems reported due to unfavorable weather conditions in many Ukrainian regions.
      It is also worth noting that on now Ukrainian carrots are 2.4-2.7 times as expensive as in the same period of 2017, while red beet prices have jumped by 230%.

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