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January 26 2018, 17:47 Fruit-Inform

Russia: potato prices up by 50% since beginning of 2018

The price growth is gradually accelerating in the Russian potato market. Hence, now Russian potatoes are averagely 50% more expensive compared to the figures of the beginning of January, reports Fruit-Inform.
      According to the daily monitoring data, potato prices vary between RUB 11-17/kg ($0.20-0.30/kg) in the main producing regions of Russia, depending on quality. Therefore, they have marked a surge of 18% since the beginning of this week.
     Farmers link positive trend with several factors. Firstly, the supply of nonstandard potatoes fell due to lower shipments from unequipped storage facilities. Secondly, the demand for potatoes kept on growing thanks to rumours about probable shortage of supply in the second half of the season.
     As a result, potato prices have marked a growth rate of 54% averagely against the same period of 2017. Moreover, the majority of big market players expected them to continue to go up.

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