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January 29 2018, 09:59 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: tomato prices up due to logistical problems

Problems with shipments of Turkish tomatoes to the Ukrainian market due to unfavorable weather conditions have contributed to a rise in price of these vegetables, reports Fruit-Inform.
      According to the daily monitoring data, at the end of the previous week tomato prices in Ukraine varied between UAH 37-40/kg (EUR 1.03-1.11/kg), a week before traders had managed to sell their tomatoes as high as UAH 38/kg (EUR 1.06/kg). However, taking into account rather low demand shown by wholesale companies and retail chains, sellers did not risk to raise their prices significantly.
     It is also worth mentioning that despite the price growth at the end of the past week, tomatoes were 23% less expensive in Ukraine compared to late January 2017. Moreover, a year before tomato prices stood at least at UAH 48/kg (EUR 1.34/kg).

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