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February 5 2018, 17:13 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: vegetable production down

Over the current season Ukrainian growers have harvested fewer vegetables compared to 2016, reports Fruit-Inform referring to the press-service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the country produced 9.3 mln tons of vegetables in 2017. For comparison, this figure amounted to 9.41 mln tons a year before.

Experts reported of the total production area of vegetables to have reached 446,300 ha with average yields of 20.1 tons per ha.

The officials estimate Ukraine to have harvested 8.7 mln tons of field vegetables with the production area of 440,300 ha. Consequently, the share of this category accounted for 94% of the total vegetable production. Meanwhile, the total production of greenhouse vegetables amounted to 560,000 tons. The area under cultivation stood at 6,000 ha.

Production structure looks like as follows:

- White cabbages: production 1.6 mln tons on 63,700 ha (average yields – 25.9 tons per ha);

- Tomatoes: 2.26 mln tons on 74,200 ha (average yields – 30.1 tons per ha);

- Onions: 0.97 mln tons on 54,700 ha (average yields – 17.8 tons per ha);

- Carrots: 838,000 tons on 42,700 ha (average yields – 19.5 tons per ha);

- Red beets: 837,000 tons on 38,400 ha (average yields – 21.6 tons per ha).

Top vegetable producing regions of Ukraine traditionally are Kherson Oblast (1.26 mln tons), Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (0.7 mln tons), Kharkiv Oblast (0.69 mln tons), Kyiv Oblast (0.57 mln tons), Mykolaiv Oblast (0.55 mln tons) and Lviv Oblast (0.51 mln tons).  

As regards potatoes, production totaled to 22.2 mln tons with average yields of 16.8 tons per ha. The production area of potatoes in Ukraine amounted to 1.3 mln tons. 

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