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February 7 2018, 17:14 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: white cabbage prices down due to abundant supply

The supply of white cabbages has increased significantly in the Ukrainian market, as many farmers started to sell their stocked produce taking into account its worsening quality. As a result, a surge in supply has led to the price drop, reports Fruit-Inform.

According to the daily monitoring data, now white cabbage prices in Ukraine vary between UAH 2.5-3.5/kg (EUR 0.07-0.10/kg), depending on producing region, quality and other contract terms. Therefore, prices of this produce have tumbled by 13-17% week-on-week. Meanwhile, market players report of more rapid fall in prices but for rather active demand for white cabbages shown by retail chains.

It is also worth noticing that despite the significant price drop, white cabbages have become about 50% more expensive in Ukraine compared to the same period of 2017.

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