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February 8 2018, 14:25 Fruit-Inform

Russia: potato prices up

Russian potatoes mark a rise in price, with positive dynamics registered virtually every day, reports Fruit-Inform.

According to the daily monitoring data, at the beginning of the week potato prices in the main producing regions of Russia stood at least at RUB 12/kg ($0.21/kg). Nevertheless, now any of large-scale farmers is not ready to fix minimum prices below RUB 13/kg ($0.22/kg), while maximum ones are as high as RUB 18/kg ($0.31/kg).   

Hence, potatoes have become 13-18% more expensive over the week, marking a 50% surge in price compared to the first half of February 2017. Moreover, many Russian farmers plan to keep on raising their potato prices in view of the strong demand for high-quality produce. At the same time, the supply of high-quality potatoes is somewhat limited, as some large-scale farmers continue to slow down sales of this produce in expectation of higher prices. 

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