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February 8 2018, 15:53 Fruit-Inform

Red beet prices set new record in Ukraine

Red beet prices continue to climb in Ukraine reaching their 26-year high, reports Fruit-Inform.

Now Ukrainian farmers sell their red beets at UAH 5-6/kg (EUR 0.15-0.18/kg), which is about 25% higher against the previous week. Positive trend is linked with several factors. The first one is the high demand for red beets that leads to such a price growth. The second factor applies to rather limited supply in the market, as some farmers have stopped their sales in expectation of the further rise in price.

Therefore, on now Ukrainian red beets are 3-3.3 times as expensive as in the same period of 2017. According to the majority of market players, prices for the produce will keep on showing an upward trend. 

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