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February 12 2018, 09:29 Fruit-Inform

Russian growers start shipping new cucumber crop

Some greenhouse farms in the Southern Federal District of Russia reported of a new cucumber crop to have appeared in the market this week, reports Fruit-Inform.

The supply is still rather low and amount of the greenhouse farms selling this produce is limited. Moreover, they offer their produce in small quantities. Prices of cucumbers range between RUB 150-170/kg ($2.58- 2.92/kg), depending on variety.

However, it is worth noticing that despite relatively warm winter, the current season of cucumbers started in the southern regions of Russia a week earlier on the average compared to the previous year. For instance, in 2017, the first consignments of cucumbers from greenhouse farms were shipped right at the beginning of February. In addition, prices were 50% higher against the current figures.

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