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February 12 2018, 12:18 Fruit-Inform

Costa Rica increasingly boosts banana exports to Ukraine

Costa Rica rapidly boosts its presence in the Ukrainian banana market in this season, reports Fruit-Inform referring to the official customs statistics.

According to the official data, from September to January inclusive, Costa Rica exported to Ukraine 38,700 tons of these fruits, which was 60% more compared to the same period of 2016/17. In addition, a rise in exports allowed the country to strengthen its position in the Ukrainian banana market. For instance, in the previous season, Costa Rica was the third supplier, but now this country ranks second just after Ecuador.

At the same time, in September-January, Ecuador reduced banana exports to Ukraine by more than 50% to 42,000 tons. Furthermore, over the period under review banana exports from Colombia have fallen to 13,500 tons marking a whopping 54% decline against September-January 2016/17.

It is also worth mentioning that banana exports from Mexico to Ukraine have grown as well. Over 5 months of 2017/18, this country managed to ship to Ukraine more than 7,000 tons of bananas, an 80% surge compared to the same period of last season. Nevertheless, such a drastic increase in exports was not enough for Mexico to enter the top-three list. As a result, Mexico ranks fourth among the leading banana exporters to Ukraine.

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