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February 13 2018, 09:37 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: fruit and berry production reaches 2 mln tons

Total production of fruits and berries in Ukraine reached 2 mln tons in 2017, reports the press-service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in 2017 the production area of fruits and berries in Ukraine totaled to 194,000 ha with average yields of 10.5 tons per ha.

In particular, total production of pome fruits amounted to 1.25 mln tons with average yields of 11.9 tons per ha. The area under cultivation stood at 104,400 ha. Ukraine produced 1.08 mln tons of apples on the area of 91,000 ha (average yields – 11.9 tons per ha).

As regards stone fruits, their production area was 60,600 ha with 563,900 tons of produce harvested (average yields – 9.8 tons per ha). Officials report of the total sour cherry production to have reached 172,000 tons. The acreage stood at 19,800 ha with average yields of 8.9 tons per ha. Ukrainian production of plums was estimated at 200,000 tons with average yields of 11 tons per ha. The production area occupied 17,800 ha.

Overall, berry production in the country amounted to 126,800 tons (average yields – 6.3 tons per ha) including 55,000 tons of strawberries. According to the official data, total cultivation area of berries occupied 19,900 ha with strawberry plantations accounting for 7,800 ha.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian growers harvested 108,600 tons of nuts on the area of 13,500 ha (average yields – 8.1 tons per ha).

As for grapes, the production totaled to 403,300 tons, while the area under cultivation stood at 40,300 ha with the average yields of 10 tons per ha.

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