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February 13 2018, 17:06 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: onion exports down by a third

Ukraine has reduced onion exports by 29% since the beginning of the season-2017/18, reports Fruit-Inform referring to the official customs data.

According to the officials, from July to January of the current season Ukraine managed to ship just 4,000 tons of onions to the external markets, while over the same period of 2017/16 export volumes had reached 5,600 tons.

Ukrainian market players link negative trend with a sharp decline in shipments to Iraq, which topped the list of the main importers of Ukrainian onions in the previous season. Nevertheless, now Iraq ranks just third, as the country reduced onion imports from Ukraine by 63%. Hence, in July-January 2017/18 Ukraine exported just 978 tons of onions to the Iraqi market, while over the same period of 2016/17 this figure had amounted to 2,600 tons.

Although the UK became the leading importer of this produce from Ukraine, its imports tumbled by 12% to 1,500 tons.

Meanwhile, Ukraine managed to export about 1,000 tons of onions to Turkey, while a season before Ukrainian onion exports to the Turkish market had stood at zero.

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