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February 15 2018, 16:32

Polish growers offer new cucumber crop at lower prices

The supply of new cucumber crop is growing gradually in the greenhouse farms of Poland, reports Fruit-Inform referring to

According to international experts, now the supply of these cucumbers is still rather small driven by cloudy weather. Nevertheless, now Polish growers are ready to offer their produce at PLN 9-10/kg (EUR 2.16-2.41/kg), a 14% drop against the middle of February 2017. For comparison, a year before, greenhouse cucumber prices stood at PLN 11/kg (EUR 2.64/kg).

At the same time, the supply in the Polish cucumber market is mainly represented by the produce imported from Spain. Moreover, as compared to domestic cucumbers, imported ones are significantly cheaper, with maximum prices standing at PLN 7.5/kg (EUR 1.8/kg).

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