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February 15 2018, 17:44 Fruit-Inform

Banana prices up in Ukraine

Banana prices have climbed up again in the Ukrainian market showing a 9% rise since the beginning of the week, reports Fruit-Inform referring to the daily monitoring data.

Now importers are ready to offer their produce at least at UAH 36-38/kg (EUR 1.08-1.14/kg). For comparison, a week before, minimum prices of these fruits were maintained at UAH 33/kg (EUR 0.99/kg) in Ukraine. 

Ukrainian traders link positive trend with a surge in banana prices in main supplying countries due to lower production there caused by adverse weather conditions.

As a result, now bananas are 70-80% more expensive in the Ukrainian market against the middle of February 2017. Moreover, despite relatively low demand, market players see further price growth rather probable.

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