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February 16 2018, 17:18 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: cucumber prices mark a significant decline

Cucumber prices continue the downward trend in the Ukrainian market, showing a significant fall compared to the second half of February 2017, reports Fruit-Inform.

Unlike the previous week, when a decline in prices applied only to the imported produce, now prices of domestic cucumbers decreased as well.

For instance, imported cucumbers have become 8-14% cheaper week-on-week. Therefore, now sellers are ready to offer their produce at UAH 30-35/kg (EUR 0.89-1.04/kg). It is worth mentioning that previously negative price trend was fuelled by the growing supply of domestic cucumbers, but now it is driven additionally by imports from Iran and Spain apart from Turkey.

At the same time, prices of domestic cucumbers vary between UAH 48-50/kg (EUR 1.43-1.49/kg), a 4% decline on the average compared to the previous week. Nevertheless, growers report of active exports to support pricing, while the demand in the internal market remains rather low.

Under those conditions, now imported cucumbers are 38-45% cheaper against the same period of 2017, while prices of domestic produce tumbled by 17-19% against the last year’s figures.

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