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February 21 2018, 14:30

Russia still a key importer of Moldovan apples

In 2017 Russia remained the leading importer of apples from Moldova in terms of volume, accounting for more than 90% of the country’s total apple exports, reports

According to the National Food Safety Agency of Moldova (ANSA), over the last year the country exported 177,000 tons of apples, 173,000 tons of which were shipped to Russia.

Experts emphasize that Moldova gradually diversifies its apple exports by means of shipments to the EU and other countries, particularly to Romania (over 3,000 tons), Georgia (42 tons), Italy (41 tons), Belgium (38 tons), Slovakia (20 tons) and Mongolia (19 tons).

ANSA reports that market players make efforts for Moldovan growers to enter new markets, most notably India, which is capable to consume the whole volume of apples grown in Moldova.

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