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June 11 2018, 09:02 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: cucumber prices down by 40% last week

Ukrainian cucumber growers were forced to reduce their prices due to abundant supply in the market last week, according to Fruit-Inform. On a week-over-week basis prices have fallen by about 40%.

At the end of the past week prices of gherkins stood at least at UAH 1/kg (EUR 0.03/kg), and cucumber prices varied between UAH 3-4/kg (EUR 0.10-0.13/kg).

Market players linked negative trend in prices with several factors. In the first instance, prices were under the pressure of moderate domestic market demand and lack of exporters’ demand. Meanwhile, the supply of hothouse and field-grown cucumbers was growing. At the same time, greenhouse farms were getting ready for the end of the season and offered nonstandard produce in the majority of cases.

Thus, prices have already fallen below last year’s levels. Moreover, market players expected prices to continue to go down.

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