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June 11 2018, 13:44 Fruit-Inform

Tajikistan may become a fruit and vegetable Spain

Mr. Andriy Yarmak, Economist of the FAO Investment Center, has highlighted Tajikistan’s potential in fruit and vegetable production and marketing on his Facebook page.

According to Mr Yarmak, Tajikistan has the following advantages as a fruit and vegetable growing country:

“Unfortunately, Tajikistan will unlikely be able to capitalize on the momentum. Access to the information is limited. The country has no knowledge, technology elements, nurseries and infrastructure. At the same time, the economic situation is very difficult, and regulatory environment does not help solve the problem. Thus, any investor will face too high risks”, Mr. Yarmak says.

He also stresses that Tajikistan is still unable to grow high-quality raw produce, not to speak of producing end products.

“However, let’s suppose everything to have changed. Uzbekistan has been changing its fruit and vegetable sector, but the situation is still far from being normal there, as the key changes must be in heads. That is exactly why Tajikistan is still growing onions and tries to compete in the market, which is familiar for them. Meanwhile, market conditions have been becoming more and more difficult, as costs are growing, while prices are going down”, Mr. Yarmak summarizes.

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