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June 22 2018, 09:51 Fruit-Inform

Ukraine: prices of greenhouse tomatoes down by a third since beginning of this week

Ukrainian greenhouse farms are forced to reduce their tomato prices, according to Fruit-Inform, and, since the beginning of this week, they have already fallen by a third.

Now growers are shipping their tomatoes at UAH 15-18/kg (EUR 0.49-0.59/kg). For comparison, prices stood at least at UAH 23/kg (EUR 0.75/kg) at the end of the past week.

Greenhouse farms link such a sharp fall in prices with several reasons. Firstly, exporters’ demand for tomatoes is extremely low. Secondly, the supply of vegetables grown in plastic greenhouses is rather high, and their minimum prices stand at UAH 10/kg (EUR 0.33/kg).

It is worth mentioning that current prices of greenhouse tomatoes are already 18-25% lower year-over-year in Ukraine. Meanwhile, prices of tomatoes from plastic greenhouses are a third lower compared with the same period of the previous season.

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