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June 22 2018, 10:03 Fruit-Inform

Moldovan cherry exports expected to exceed 10,000 tons in 2018

The official Moldovan customs data show about 9,300 tons of cherry exports registered in the country by June 20, 2018. Current results are rather optimistic for exporters, as within the whole year the total export volumes of Moldovan cherries amounted to just slightly lower than 10,000 tons. Thus, the 2018 cherry exports will most likely be higher year-over-year. Nevertheless, the export volumes are still far from record high 14,000 tons registered in 2015.

Meanwhile, Moldovan market analysts say that the largest part of the 2015 exports was represented by Turkish cherries. According to the official statistics, in 2015 Moldova imported about 8,500 tons of cherries from Turkey. Thus, excluding re-exports, Moldovan cherry export volumes did not exceed 5,300 tons in 2015. In the following year, the re-export volumes of cherries fell to just 300 tons.

Moldovan market operators link an expected rise in cherry exports in 2018 with significant areas under new intensive cherry orchards, which come into bearing this year. Total areas under Moldovan cherry orchards amount to more than 4,000 ha. In 2018, Moldovan cherry production is expected to reach 14,000 tons, with the largest part of them to be exported.

According to EastFruit, Russian and Belarus import up to 100% of total export volumes of Moldovan cherries. Despite relatively high prices, the Republic of Moldova does not export cherries to the EU, as Moldovan growers still are unable to offer the quality of fruits required by European buyers.

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