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January 23 2019, 15:31 Fruit-Inform

Prices of Moldovan apples for export to Russia up since beginning of 2019

Large Moldovan exporters say of an increase in prices of apples for export to Russia in the first half of January. According to them, prices went up averagely to $0,35/kg. In December, they did not exceed $0.31/kg, according to EastFruit

First of all, exporters link the price growth with seasonal trends in the market: a smooth increase of consumer demand for apples after the winter holidays and a cold spell. As traders say, this winter a cold wave passes gradually and smoothes price fluctuations, which are probable under conditions of a sharp fall in temperature. However, next week frosts are predicted to strengthen in the European part of Russia, resulting in problems with fresh fruit transportation to Russian cities. 

Now Russian buyers import the bulk of apples from Moldova on the basis of contracts which were concluded last year. Contrary to expectations, Russia did not raise imports of fruit products from Moldova after customs duties had been lifted. However, this factor will most likely result in a rise in imports in February. Exports of Moldovan fruits to Russia will most likely rise by February 20, the date when Russian government is to take a decision on prolongation of duty-fee import of certain agricultural products from Moldova.

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