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January 29 2019, 13:34 Fruit-Inform

Ukrainian garlic exporters should focus on Europe, Baltics and North America

Ukrainian garlic exports amounted to 1,300 tons in 2018. Such countries as Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Georgia and Austria were the main buyers of the Ukrainian garlic, according to with reference to UFEB (Ukrainian Food Export Board).

"As regards the global garlic market, it shows continuous growth both in exports and consumption. China is the global monopolist. It is the top grower and the exporter in the world and accounts for about 80% of the global market. India is able to compete Chinese garlic, but its share is still 5.3%. Bangladesh accounts for 1.4%, South Korea for 1%, Myanmar for 0.8%, Uzbekistan for 0.7%, and Turkey for another 0.5%", - it is stated in the report.

The UFEB Analytical Department expects the global garlic market to slowly grow in the next years (up 4% by 2022). Asian-Pacific Region will not lose its positions. India and China will still be the main players in the market thanks to governmental support there.

"Ukrainian growers should focus on the markets of Europe, the Baltics and North America. It is necessary to increase shipments of fresh garlic, as fresh products are now on trend in the world. Competition and growth in exports will be backed by hardneck varieties, which are expected to be the most popular.

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