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August 26 2020, 16:11 Fruit-Inform

Blueberry prices to remain maximum in Russia and go down significantly in Belarus

Russia is and will remain a net importer of blueberries, as Russian blueberry production growth rates are currently too low. Meanwhile, blueberry consumption is also growing at the rates higher than production growth. Thus, blueberry prices in the Russian market fully depend on the supply of main exporters almost within the whole year.


 Ukraine has the longest period of minimum prices of blueberries, as, in addition to a gradual increase in areas, Ukrainian growers have started to produce these berries in greenhouses. Thus, the domestic season in Ukraine is at least a month longer than in neighboring Russia and Belarus.

Belarusian blueberry production is growing, but provision of technologies is rather low, and, the higher would be the supply of unsorted and unbranded produce with no packaging and certification, the more rapid would be a fall in prices.

The fundamental study “The Market for Highbush Blueberries in the Eastern Europe - 2020” is available since August 25.

The study will contain:

- The highbush blueberry market in the Eastern Europe and globally

- Foreign trade in blueberries and domestic market prices in the Eastern Europe

- Detailed analysis of the present situation and 5-year outlook for the blueberry market in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus;

- Production technologies, characteristics of main varieties, business plans, detailed contacts of input and equipment suppliers and blueberry growers in the Eastern Europe etc.

More details about contents and the cost of the study are available on the web-site.

The study will be available in Russian and English.

On any questions concerning the study, please contact Fruit-Inform:

Mr. Ievgen Kuzin,

+380 96 583 63 23

[email protected]

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