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January 21 2002, 12:21 APK-Inform

No more drumsticks from US

Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy banned imports of poultry meat from USA, said Petro Verbytskyi, the State Veterinary Medicine Department Chief from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

According to him, this issue has been scrutinized thoroughly. Ukrainian experts spent one week of October in US to make some spot checks and refined research. From Nov. 10th through Dec 6th imports were suspended. There was a gap until Jan 1st allowing to import US poultry products into Ukraine until US side provides all information requested in the official letter.

There came the official answer from the US stating that US legislation unlike Ukrainian one permits using a number of antibiotics and stimulators in poultry production as well as preservatives and disinfectants while cutting the meat in question.

Such measures will not result in shortage of poultry meat on the domestic market, said Verbytskiy.

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