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January 23 2002, 15:22 UkrInform

Subsidizing Ukrainian AIC. 35% more cash in 2002.

Ukrainian AIC has better prospects for 2002 as government plans to better provide for its needs.

The total amount of expenses directed for AIC is UAH 1,6 bn. which is almost UAH 418 mn more over last year or 34,7%.

No other industry received such increase in funding from the state budget, said Yuriy Louzan.

State budget will also take certain care of livestock production, crop production. Interest rates for credits in agriculture allocated through commercial banks should also be lowered.

Nonetheless, certain branches will receive no cash. Such are:

1) grain mortgage transactions for which UAH 300 mn was previously planned;

2) partial compensation of crop insurance payments for certain strategic crops - UAH 50 mn planned;

3) social infrastructure expenses.

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