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April 5 2002, 11:28 UNIAN

Austria to assist Ukraine in issues on farmland status

UNIAN reported that Ukrainian and Austrian Ministries of Justice plan on profound cooperation in terms of legal issues and information as far as farmland relations are concerned.

Ukrainian Minister of Justice Suzanna Stanyk signed the Memorandum on cooperation Apr 4, 2002.

According to the document cooperation will go beyond farmland issues. Ukrainian judicial staff will be trained to better adapt to European Union standards and legislation.

Since Ukrainian budget is short of funds, land courts are out of the question at the moment, Stanyk said. So far all land issues are still reviewed at civil and business courts.

Ukraine lacks at least 200 laws, which would regulate the land relations. Two types of registers should be in place: one for land relations and one for property built on the land in question.

Austrian Minister of Justice Dieter Biomdorfer remarked that Austria has uniform register where property belongs to the same person who owns this land.

He also believes that Ukrainians are under-informed whereas in Austria access to land resources and information about the latter is available for almost anyone via Internet.

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