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May 14 2002, 17:25 APK-Inform

Bread Production 2002 show under APK flags and banners

According to APK-correspondents, above 40 versatile grain handling and bread making businesses joined the efforts of APK-Zerno publication hosting the 2002 show entitled Bread Production 2002.

The press conference was followed by the actual conference where views were exchanged and burning issues reviewed.

Wide range of baking equipment, precise grain grading instrumentation, packaging equipment and products themselves were placed for promotion.

Famous for bakers and not only Barsk machine building factory, Karlovka Machine Building Plant, Russian Voskhod, as well as Turkish, Polish, Estonian and other businesses participated.

Rodion Rybchinskyi said that he plans to make this show a tradition and do it annually.

"This show is to bring business to business and people to people", he said.

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