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May 15 2002, 16:08 Interfax-Ukraine

More power to farmer's elbow

Interfax-Ukraine reported that Ukrainian farmers received 755 tractors, which they have ordered for spring planting campaign.

Governmental officer reported that in addition farming machinery plants supplied 511 plows, 1,859 drills, 189 tillage equipment, 914 cultivators, 103 sprayers, 456 fertilizer spreaders, and parts worth US $19mn.

At the same time, because of scant funds for buying all that equipment on terms and weak buying power of the Ukrainian farmer, factories have their unsold stocks worth US $17mn including 612 tractor units.

According to the same source, during the three months of the year in review machinery output grew at some 65 plants.

The year 2002, according to the same source, agricultural equipment should be produced to reach US $358mn not including parts value.

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