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May 16 2002, 15:06 APK-Inform

Weather makes the crop

The conference Technology and marketing in grain industry hosted by APK-Inform listened to the Chief of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center Mykola Kulbida who emphasized that protein and gluten content in wheat depends on the weather factor like on nothing else.

According to him, in the black soil regions especially in the south and eastern regions both the climate and soils are the best for growing top grade wheat varieties.

One and the same variety has different protein content going from southeast to northwest and the trend for protein decrease goes exactly along with this direction because of the climate first of all.

Higher temperatures and deficit of rainfall in the southeast favor the nitrification process at the topsoil.

According to Kulbida, the time of planting play the important role on the protein and gluten content where later planted crop has a better chances for making a quality crop because of short day factor.

Another important factor for protein content in wheat is moisture context in 1-meter deep soil. As long as one-meter moisture remains 70-88 mm until stooling this is ok for the wheat. Any figure below this worsens the prospects for the wheat.

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