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May 17 2002, 10:09 UNIAN

Foodstuffs Tax Breaks Cuts for Free Economical Zones

UNIAN reported that the Cabinet issued the resolution canceling the tax breaks for foodstuffs imports through free economic zones and through territories of priority development, which were allowed previously. The Minister of Economy and Issues of European Integration, Oleksander Shlapak, said that the Cabinet keeps tax breaks for meat products, fats, diary products, starch, malt, mineral waters only on condition that they are produced of domestic raw materials.

Shlapak emphasized that recently the trend for priority development of foodstuffs became visible and this encouraged tax breaks.

On the other hand, Shalpak believes that such tax breaks interfere in the competition media making domestic products uncompetitive.

Thus, Ukrainian domestic products from now on will have a better chance in life.

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